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Penney Appraisals - "The appraisal service you demand!"

Quality residential appraisal services throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

The lending industry continues to change and evolve.  The current environment has created increasing demands on all of our time.  With time at such a premium, I want to make sure that I remain effective and efficient in providing you with exceptional residential appraisal services.

I have attempted to categorize those things that are regularly needed from your appraiser.  In doing so, I hope to create a system that you can rely on, allowing you to focus on all of the other details.  

Appraisal Ordering:  I know that everyone has there own way of ordering appraisals.  I have a solution that will accommodate everyone and allow me to communicate effectively with each of you in real time.  For those who do not already have an account, one can be set up for you on this site.  Ordering can take place directly from your account (Order Appraisal Online).  The other method is through the (Fax Order) option from this site.  Please attach the sales contract and any other important documents directly to the site.  No need to fax.  Please click the buttons on left for more details.  These will be the only means of ordering appraisals.


Order Status:  With the appraisal ordered through the above options, status updates can then be communicated directly to you.  You are able to access all of your orders through the (Client Login) button on the left.  Each update is logged and a history maintained for each file.  This will eliminate the back and forth that we all encounter.  The completed appraisal report will also be attached to this same order so that you may download it at any time.  This will be the only means of communicating status updates.


Report Questions/Corrections:  If clarification, correction, or additional information in needed on the content of an existing report please be specific on the issue requiring attention.  Reference the property address.  Email:reports@penneyappraisals.comEmail checked once daily at 11:30 am P.S.T.

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Comp Searches:  We are happy to provide comparable searches for our clients.  Just click on the Comp Search button or link below and attach a property profile from a title company, MLS, or tax records, etc. and you are done.  No need to enter the data yourself unless there is a fetaure to the property that would like to point out.  Email  Comp Searches will be only be communicated every Monday and Thursday at 11:00 am P.S.T. 

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FHA FAQ:  We are in the process of compiling a list of the common and not so common questions surrounding FHA appraisals.  The list is designed to clear up some of the common questions associated with the FHA inspection and FHA appraisal.  Your questions are a welcome addition to the material.  Please email general or specific FHA appraisal questions to  This email will be checked each Monday and Thursday at 11:30 am P.S.T.

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